2 Virgin Media Broadband, UK’s award-winning broadband company, has recently reached another milestone by offering its customers a whopping 100MB-plus speed. Of course, this technology improvement was made after sensing the very needs of customers, which to Virgin Media are the most important of all matters. The fast 100MB speed has been made possible with fibre optic technology. This is a futuristic approach from the company, so you can rest assured that if even better speeds are offered in the near future, you won’t be running around searching for upgrades because you are hooked to technology that can handle those speeds, too.

Does Fast Internet Speed Really Matter?

If you have been using the Internet for some time and have seen a lot of customers discussing matters with each other, you would know that slow Internet speed and connections are the most common issues around the world. Whether you do a lot of uploading, downloading or online sharing, it all comes down to speed.

Issues with Slow Internet Speed

The following are some of the most common issues that are faced by Internet users around the world because of slow Internet speeds and connections:

  • Websites load slowly
  • Slow streaming is frustrating and watching an online movie could take hours because of it
  • Downloading takes hours, especially the large files, and sometimes the downloading can get interrupted, forcing you to download the file from the start again
  • Voice chat and video quality when communicating on Skype or other messenger services is extremely poor and inaudible on most occasions
  • Downloading and viewing pictures can be annoying because the images remain pixelated until they load completely
  • Sharing your stuff in the cloud could become a nightmare with slow Internet speed

Most Internet users are aware of these problems and many other issues that make their Internet experience tiring. Virgin Media Broadband offered the 100MB speed. Not only should this speed make your Internet browsing a jet ride, but other people in your house could also benefit with increased speed just the same simultaneously. So here’s a summary of benefits for you and other customers: improved sharing of pictures, messages and videos on social platforms; fast and uninterrupted downloading speeds; smooth streaming; quick sharing on cloud platforms; and fast online backup.

How is Virgin Media Doing It?

First, Virgin Media has always been busy in providing innovative broadband services, earning it the award for best broadband innovation in 2013. Now, the credit for such fast Internet speed goes to the fibre optic technology that uses thin strand-like cables to carry the signals to your home at the speed of light. This makes fibre optics the best and the fastest technology for truly high-speed Internet.

Another reason why Virgin Media Broadband is providing an unbelievable 100MB speed through fibre optic lines is because these lines don’t get affected by the distance of the telephone exchange from your house, which is a common issue with copper telephone wires. With this technology, downloading videos, TV shows, movies, documentaries, applications and software are at your fingertips in just a matter of seconds and minutes.

You are an Internet user and you know your problems the best. If there are two things that make an Internet connection reliable, they are speed and connectivity. You do understand the frustration and annoyance of coming across a limited and interrupted Internet connection when you want to check some important office emails but you can’t. If you think it’s time for you to enjoy the Internet rather than just using it, better consider Virgin Media today.

To find out more about Virgin Media Broadband, you can visit their site.

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