The Toshiba AT300 review

November 17, 2012

Whilst the most popular tablets on the Android OS have tended to be the 7” tiddlers, there are some pretty decent 10” models out there which are worth alternatives to the iPad. Toshiba’s latest attempt to try and tempt those who prefer ‘droid is the AT300, and with its quad core processor, sleek design and the impressive Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android on board, combined with the fact its cheaper than the iPad, it’s certainly in with a chance.

The previous Toshiba tablet, the AT200, was one of the markets slimmest offering at the time measuring a mere 7.7mm, which means that the AT300 certainly has some skinny shoes to fill. Measuring 8.95mm, it is certainly not as slender, but it comes with such an appealing design that this is instantly overlooked. It is also a tad slinkier than the latest iPad which measures 9.4mm, not that you would call that exactly chubby either.

The 5mp camera on the back peeks out at you from underneath a grey plastic casing which is, to be honest, rather underwhelming. As is the norm with most tablets, there isn’t a lot going on at the front, but the way in which the glass slopes away at the edges is aesthetically pleasing, and helps this to stand out in a crowd. The sloping edge, when caught in the right light, has a subtle sparkle to it, which is also pleasing on the eye.

There are the standard ports around the edge; a micro USB port, a headphone jack and a micro HDMI port to it can be hooked up to a TV set. One annoyance is that it can’t be charged via USB, and has to be charged with the chunky power lead, which some will find irritating.

The full sized SD card slot is welcome however, and as opposed to the microSD card slot that normally accompany a tablet, this means you can take you card out of your digital camera and whack it straight in.




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