For the owner of the Bowers and Wilkins P3 headphone, the packaging itself would be something to let the neighbours see and envy. There are the sleek soft lines, the metal headband of high quality and the ear cups of foam to make it a comfort wear. That’s the physical part of the artistic gizmo called P3. In any case, nothing short of utter brilliance can be expected from Bowers and Wilkins who are behind the making of the audio system fitted on the Maserati Quattroporte.

So far as the sound quality of the P3 goes, it is just awesome in one single word to express the experience. Listening to the vocal gives the experience of a live show and the bass effect can make the transition to being subtle to a deep growl in no time. The technology incorporated in their P3 also enables clear distinction of each instrument. Couple this to almost zero distortion and what you get is the closest to listening to a live stage show.

Run the P3 at its maximum volume and there is yet no jarring or loss of sound quality. Even the pitch is needle sharp at this high amplitude mode. Users though are advised not to use the P3 at its highest volume for the power is too much for the human ear to sustain.

Background interference is also eliminated to near about 90 percent with the sublime build of the P3 giving strong noise insulation. A few specific noise-cancelling Bose models however are better performers in this aspect though a full 100 percent is also not desirable as well.

A long cable allows for greater freedom of movement and there is a remote for adjusting volume or pausing the play. A microphone allows for taking phone calls too but here the voice level to be used has to be adjusted when using the P3. The P3 slogan is “Concert for One” which is indeed befitting of the sound quality it delivers.


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