British Gas Smart MeterAs winter is well and truly here, and the temperatures are dropping daily, it is incredibly easy to lose track of the energy we are using. Trying to make sense of estimated bills and the energy we have used is constantly frustrating, and the sad fact is that many energy companies are anything but transparent when it comes to saving both energy and money and prefer to keep sneaking in the charges no-one understands.

The government have said that they want every UK household to have a smart meter installed by 2019, but British Gas don't think that is soon enough, and they have already rolled out their programme for smart meters to ensure their customers get a head start when it comes to saving money and enjoying the hassle free benefits that a smart meter will give your household.

For those who have heard the term smart meter in the media, but still aren't exactly sure what they are or what they do, here is a brief synopsis of how they can transform the relationship you have with energy. The smart meters are effectively a monitor that tells you not only how much energy you have used, but how much it has cost you in pounds and pence and how you can reduce your usage to reduce you bills.




The whole point of a smart meter is to put you, not your provider, in complete charge of the energy you use, so there are no nasty shocks when the bills come in. Another shock is how much energy is wasted every year in the UK that so easily could be saved, and if you want to see how we are literally throwing money way then check out the fascinating infographic:

Even though British Gas are fully committed to getting a smart meter into every home by the target date of 2019. The progress they are making has them ahead of target, which is great news for all British Gas customers as they will be saving money before everyone else. British Gas smart meters are the way forward for the people of Britain, and with energy bills being our biggest regular outlay after mortgage payments, saving money is upmost in all our minds.

The inception of this exceptional device has given rise to the phrase 'the smart meter revolution' and while this may seem dramatic it has to be said that there hasn't been anything like this before, and it is good to know that it is the doyen of the energy world, good old British Gas, who are spearheading the charge to make a difference to the lives of every household in the UK helping them to save energy and drive down their bills.

Everything you could possibly want to know about smart meters and how they work can be found on British Gas which also provides details of how you can register to be one of the first to have a smart meter fitted in your home.

Up to date information can also be found on the British Gas Facebook site and on Twitter.


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