Tablets are soon becoming the device of choice for many in this post-PC era, and the tablet space has been expanding greatly since the initial introduction of the iPad by Apple. Just in 2012, the company sold around 62 million iPads, with Android seeing sales up 177% over the holiday season only. These new tablets are not all copies of the original, however.

One market that is seeing a lot of growth is in tablets aimed at kids or other young people, usually with large and colourful screens and bright colours. Because touch is such a natural motion for a young child, these make some of the best first computers that they can use, and as such the market has seen a boom recently.

While some of the higher end devices have seen prices around £500 or more, parents are not always willing to pay that much for a device that a kid might break. That is why a lot of new options come in at a lower price, and with a device that are much more robust and durable. These are kids friendly tablets that are designed directly for kids, and not just as an afterthought. This includes both the aesthetics, the design, and the fact that kids often have smaller fingers, and respond to bright colours and movement.

According to a survey done by August Forrester, close to 20% of parents who own a tablet and have a kid under six let them use their tablet. This number goes up to 29% for kids above six. Not only that, but these tablets are well liked by children, and often find their ways onto shopping lists for the Holidays. The iPad took the top rank on kids’ Christmas list for toys in 2012, beating many other popular devices like gaming consoles and other sorts of computers.


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