The exhibition of a phone with a flexible screen is the latest wonder from the Korean electronics giant Samsung. This device could be the beginning of the era when people would be using large tablets or phones with bigger screens as they use maps these days.

The company showed a prototype of such devices as these at the CES gadget show. Taking place in Las Vegas, USA, the CES show is the annual exhibition of the latest mobile, computing, TV and other consumer based electronic devices.

The head of the company’s display laboratory, Brian Berkely, has demonstrated the prototype offering a flexible, paper-thin colour screen. Though the screen does not appear to be flexible enough to fold like a newspaper, it is possible to bend it like a tube. Samsung has also shown an amazing video of the potential concept of future phones, showing a phone-shaped device which reveals itself like a book opening, presenting a bigger sized, flexible screen inside.

The screen of these brilliant devices would be using OLED technology. OLED enables the manufacturers to use only a layer of those to light the whole screen. Actually, the OLED technology is already in use in some of the Samsung devices, in their glass screens. To prepare the bendable screens, Samsung has put the layer of OLED’s on top of a thin plastic.

However, the OLED chemicals are very delicate to be left in contact with Oxygen. Therefore, the chemicals need to be kept apart from fresh air. Producing huge volumes of airtight flexible display is still an unanswered question for the engineers. Samsung has not declared any official date about the availability of the flexible screened devices. Though, it looks like Samsung has taken the project very seriously and could come up with such a device within the next few months.


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