After suffering loss after loss, including the fact that it lost over half of its market share during 2012, RIM is depending on the Blackberry 10 launch to turn their company’s future around. Some might call it a last ditch effort, but in short, if the new software does not launch the mobiles back into the public’s eyes then Research In Motion is going to have no choice but to stop trading.

One of the main reasons that RIM has lost its muscle share is simply due to the fact that Apple, Samsung, and Android have really eaten a good portion out of the mobile market. Back in the day RIM carved out most of its respective audience by marketing itself as a business mobile with a great QWERTY keyboard, secure servers, and rugged build.

However, the 2011 service outage, handset problems, and similar problems all hurt the brand and caused them to lose a lot of customers that have not returned. During the last quarter of 2012, RIM sold fewer than 12 million handsets compared to the 63 million Samsung mobiles and 48 million iPhones.

However, some people like TechRadar phones editor Gareth Beavis believe that RIM can come back if BlackBerry 10 is everything that it is being touted as. However, he added that RIM took their eyes away from the ball and they need to get their focus correct to succeed.

What is known about the BlackBerry 10 which is set to be launched this week is that the handset will be touchscreen with a built in message hub that allows users to access all social networks from one location to eliminate apps. Security is still is key factor and the new mobile will have both a work and personal mode to help serve this purpose.


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