There are hundreds of ways to personalise a mobile phone. From the phone case to its ringtone to its mobile number, you can make your phone your own.

Most phones nowadays are equipped with features that the users can modify according to their preferences. Note that both the internal and external parts of your mobile phone can be customised.

For instance, you can choose your own mobile number. If you live in the United Kingdom, you can select and purchase your very own UK mobile number for a small fee. You can choose a set of numbers that has a memorable significance to you, or you can choose something with unique combinations. Unique SIM (subscriber identity module) card numbers can be bought online for an affordable price.

To give your phone a distinctive sound you can customise its tones, alerts and alarms. For example, you can choose what tones to use for calls, messages and alerts. Aside from the built-in tones you can also download tunes or record your own.

In choosing the right ones, take note that there are three types of ringtones for phones; monophonic or monotone, polyphonic and realtone. Monotone ringtones are tones with single notes that are played consecutively. Polyphonic ringtones are more pleasing to the ears because they can play different notes simultaneously. There are no vocals, though, in polyphonic ringtones. Realtone ringtones are made of real sounds, music and even voice. Realtones, which are mostly saved in MP3 format, are the best option because they are real sounds. You could record your child’s voice or friends singing.

Wallpapers and screen savers can also be personalised by uploading your favorite pictures. You can also use pictures of your much loved pets, beloved family, favorite flowers or anything that catches your eyes. You can also personalise your phone’s theme, skin, colours, icon and logo.

The physical portion of your phone is a blank canvass for you to make your phone stand out from the rest. A great way to personalise this is to buy a cover, this not only looks good but also protects it from any bumps and scrapes. You can choose your favourite colour or upload a special photo.


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