In the last 20 years, the sales of PC’s have declined as a result of people opting to use tablet computers. Despite a 7.7% forecasted sales increase, research conducted by International Data Corp has shown an incredible 14% decline in sales of PC’s to 76.3 million units, in the first quarter of the year.

This is the larges drop seen since IDC started gathering data in 1994 Gartner Inc, another research firm, put this figure at 11.2%, the worst experienced since the same period in 2001.

According to IDC, the largest PC makers in the world, Hewlett-Packard, and Dell Computers, suffered the largest declines of 24% and 11% respectively. Gartner has attributed this drop in sales to the increasing demand for tablets and Smartphones.

IDC, on the other hand, blame the decline on the introduction of Microsoft’s Windows 8, whose features only served to confuse customers and ruin the PC experience. The software did not deliver on increasing the Smartphone user experience either.

According to Jay Chou, A Senior Analyst at IDC, in an interview with Sky News, people found Windows 8 lacking in features which, in previous versions, enhanced the PC user experience.

Consequently, many people have reported failing to experience the same features that they did before, on the PC, despite the touch features included in Windows 8. People are still getting to understand Windows 7 and Windows 8 has only served to bewilder them more.

According to industry players, in order for Microsoft to be able to compete with the iPad Mini, and Google Nexus, they should develop a smaller, Surface Laptop/tablet unit, with a 7-inch screen, and powered by windows 8.


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