Samsung recently announced its brand new flagship phone, the Galaxy S4, and already numbers show some high performance scores. The handset has produced high benchmark scores recorded thanks to the new Qualcomm processor that powers it.

Geekbench 2, a popular Android benchmarking tool, shows measurements that go above any previous Samsung device on the market. John Poole from Primate Labs reported on the results, comparing the phone with all previous generations. He said that the S4 scored 3,163 which is higher than the HTC One’s 2,687 along with the S3, and even the Google Nexus 4.

The iPhone 5 from Apple ranked fifth with a score of 1,596 while the original iPhone used to score a lowly 130 six years ago. Android Authority, a web site scoring these phones, also posted results on YouTube which shows how the S4 beats all previous models. Of course this is just a synthetic benchmark.

Poole says that it still is not clear how the Galaxy S4 will handle increased cooling or battery requirements which typically is the bane of more powerful chips. He also said that a new iPhone is likely to come soon and might beat this latest score. Typically, Apple manages to increase their score by up to 2.5x per release. The last upgrade, going from the iPhone 4S to the iPhone 5, saw a significant increase in processing power.

While it is hard to predict what the next iPhone will show, one company that is not even in the race is the BlackBerry Z10 which was released earlier this month. Right now it only compares with the models from last year. The test was done on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 in the base release of the S4, but the company is promising that a Exynos 5 Octa based Galaxy S4 will also be coming down the road, which could increase those numbers even more.

Both HTC and Samsung use the Snapdragon 600 for their latest handsets, but the S4 runs at 1.9GHz whereas the One runs at 1.7GHz. Research indicates that Samsung users are likely to remain loyal, with 70% of users saying they will go for the next Samsung model for the next phone.




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