Motorola DEFY Smartphone

January 2, 2013

For those who may be a little rougher on their mobiles than others, the rugged Motorola Defy may be the perfect choice as this tough smartphone is able to take a few hits and drops as well as dust without damage. However, even though the Android mobile can take a good beating and still stand up, there are still problems that could make its stance a little wobbly.

In fact, it seems that the major problem affecting the Motorola Defy is an internal issue, as many of the mobiles across the world in Germany, the UK, Brazil, and Switzerland are reporting that the speakers are not working correctly.

It seems that after a few days of use the ear speaker stops working even though the loudspeaker in the handset appears to be functional. While some users are taking the issue into their own hands by opening up their mobiles in an attempt to figure out what is wrong with it, Motorola still has not made an official statement about the matter although the warranty that comes attached with the purchase should cover all repairs.

The reason that the DEFY is so notable is due to the fact that it is built in compliance with IP67 certification which means that the mobile is resistant to dust and water. In fact, Motorola claims that the phone can be dropped in water for over a minute and at times up to thirty minutes and will still not be affected.

In addition to its tough exterior, the DEFY also comes with Live Widgets MOTOBLUR UI and allows users the chance to instantly access any of their social networking services. It also lets customers customize their widgets and filter out their feeds based on their own personalised settings.


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