After a batch of new iPhones turned out to be defective, now it seems like Foxconn may be responsible for the problems. This company creates the devices for Apple, but now a report says that it has taken the batch back after the phones turned out to be faulty.

This information came out from a Foxconn staffer, and is still being presented unofficially, but indicates that Apple sent to their creator at the very least five million phones. At an estimated manufacturing cost of $200 per phone, that is quite a big lost for the company.

Of course the companies, either Foxconn or Apple, are remaining silent on the matter, but it would not be the first time something like this has happened. China is not known for the highest quality control, and previous generations of phones had to be sent back for similar reasons. Apple sells over 48 million phones every quarter.

Foxconn has revealed in recent years that the company is in some financial trouble, and there is no telling what this type of recall can do to these troubles. This could also delay more production runs, which may add delays for customers. As the leading smartphone seller, this could put a black eye on Apple’s reputation, and fuel critics.


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