Over the years, televisions have become increasingly smaller and lighter, allowing a lot more flexibility in their positioning. No longer do they have to stand in a corner taking up much needed space, and the current trend is for them to be wall mounted.

This is particularly prevalent with the flat, plasma TV’s that we all have in our homes now, and mounting one on the wall isn’t just a daunting task as it may seem.

Many new houses have smaller rooms than those built in the past, so it makes a lot of sense to mount your television on the wall to free up some much needed floor space. There is also the added advantage of there being less chance of any damage coming to it, and completely eliminates the risk of little sticky fingerprints appearing all over your screen.

The mounting itself isn’t difficult, as long as you do this on a brick wall where the fixings can adhere firmly and won’t fall off. When you go to buy your wall mounted TV stand, go for one that feels strong and durable, while these will cost a bit more you don’t want to come down in the morning and find your plasma on the floor in pieces, so go for quality. Make sure you know the size of your TV as well, as you will need one specifically for that size.

Also measure the wall you are going to mount it on and check that there are no electric cable where you will be drilling. Drill the holes and use the screws or bolts that come with your mount as should you use different ones and the worst happens, you will have no comeback. Once you have secured the mounts firmly to the wall, attach the bracket as per the instructions.

Always take care when attaching your TV to the stand and follow the instructions implicitly. Once you are satisfied it is secure, you are free to enjoy your TV in its new home.



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