The Industry minister of Canada said on Monday that he expected BlackBerry would continue to be a national champion, however, he also added that he didn’t know the future of the mobile device makers, looking at the “very aggressive” sector of telecommunications.

“ we can never be sure about what will happen but as I have said earlier- and I completely believe in this- I want and hope BlackBerry retains its position of a Champion in the mobile world, and that it develops organically,” said Christian Paradis who spoke to Reuters at an exclusive interview conducted in his office.

He continued with “This is only my opinion but when I say that, we really don’t know what is going to happen. This market is extremely aggressive. Especially, talking about the competitive sector of telecom, it is very aggressive in compared to other sectors.” Recently, the China head of the Lenovo Group Ltd informed a famous French newspaper that their firm may take over Blackberry in coming future.

Paradis also said that even if Lenovo plans to make a bid, the Canadian government would examine it properly, by using all the guidelines of national security that are planned to block any foreign government to gain complete control over any crucial part of their economy. As stated by the Canadian Industry Minister” I don’t wish to send out any signals and also, I don’t want people to think that I prejudged this deal or not” he further added.

Analysts in the industry noting all the domestic furor that was caused when CNOOC Ltd, which is a Chinese state owned company, made a bid last year for Nexen Inc which is a Canadian Energy firm, have said that it very unlikely that Ottawa would let BlackBerry be taken over by any Chinese firm.



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