Since time immemorial we have had a fascination with all things relating to spying and espionage. From the Enigma machine that was used by the Germans 60 years ago in WWII to send encrypted messages which were deciphered by Alan Turing to modern day action films where technology is used to crack all sorts of codes, we simply cannot get enough of code breaking.

How many of you, while going through the motions of your mundane job, have let your mind wander to what it must be like to work on information systems for national security? Now more than ever, with the ever evolving technology around today, the Government needs to recruit more brilliant people who can follow in the footsteps of Turing and support the nation in the field of cyber security.

If you are a computer whizz kid who has a real passion for solving problems, are a maths fanatic, consider one of your best skills to be your razor sharp mind and can instantly solve complex problems that have others scratching their heads then read on, as GCHQ may just have the challenge you have been waiting for all your life. They are running an ingenious competition/recruitment drive that could open the door for you to enter a career dealing with cyberspace threats.

The 'Can you Find it?' challenge is tough, make no mistake about that, but the rewards it can reap are out of this world, literally. The competition sees you take part in a global treasure hunt online, with a complex series of tasks and clues that will lead you around the web to unlock the ultimate answer. The codes you have to crack are courtesy of the team from GCHQ, who are seeking the smartest candidates to work alongside them.

This is your chance to see if you really have what it takes to take up employment with an agency dedicated to national intelligence and security which works closely with but MI5 and MI6. The prize is the possibility of earning between £26k and £60k a year basic salary working for GCHQ.  Full details of the competition can be found at .

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving it a shot. This is one of the most exciting competitions ever run online and with one the greatest prizes ever offered. If you feel that this is your vocation then get yourself to the site and register and who knows, you could be saying goodbye to your present job and hello to a whole new career in one of the most thrilling environments in the world.

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