Asus are certainly a company that don’t believe in leaving a long space between new products, or in bringing just one out at a time. To prove this point they have just released two new models; the Eee PC 1025C and the one we are concentrating on here the Eee PC X101CH. This packs quite a punch with its Intel Atom Processor and it’s 1GB of RAM, and its price tag of £210 isn’t too shabby either.

Even at this price some are wondering whether these miniature machines are worth investing in, and to be honest you could do a lot worse than spend it on this. Measuring 262mm widthways, it has pretty much the same size footprint as every other netbook, but it is consummately slimmer being only 22mm thick. This gives it the added benefit of only weighing 1kg, considerably lighter than some of its peers and great news if you plan on carrying it around a lot.

Around the edges you will find an SD card reader, 2 USB 2.0 ports, ethernet port, VGA out, a headphone jack and an HBMI output point. The touch pad is very much what you would expect in a netbook, small and narrow, and although it uses all the available space this doesn’t equate to much when it comes to a netbook so it will take some getting used to for those used to laptops, and plugging in a mouse could be your best bet.

Under a particularly brutal battery test, it lasted for a good three hours and under normal usage will probably last even longer. The screen is somewhat disappointing when it comes to clarity if watching a film, but the fact the HDMI lets you hook it up to the TV eliminates this and its perfectly adequate for browsing.









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