January 25, 2013

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New Interactive Photography App 7 SNAPS

August 12, 2014
Mobile Phones

Anyone with a camera will enjoy 7 SNAPS, a new app that combines social media, imagination, and photography. The idea has been created. Now, the app inventor is seeking funds through Indiegogo to fully develop it and let individuals start SNAPPING. With a goal of $80,000 AUD and a campaign end date of September 25, 2014, the creator hopes to make the app available worldwide. …Read the Rest

6 Apps to Help you Declutter your Home

August 10, 2014

There’s definitely skill involved in good organisation, and there’s no denying that maintaining order in the home takes both time and effort. However, giving your living environment the clear out it deserves doesn’t have to mean a stressful day of systematic labelling and filing cabinets. These days (thankfully) there’s an app for almost anything – decluttering included. The old adage ‘tidy house, tidy mind’ applies …Read the Rest

Top Design Award Goes To The World’s Thinnest Home Phone

Top Design Award Goes To The World’s Thinnest Home Phone
April 13, 2014

The prestigious international award, the Red Dot Award for Product Design 2014 goes to British designed phone from Curventa. London-based design firm Curventa has bagged the honour together with its long-standing client SGW Global for its design of one of the hottest new phones on the market – the Motorola IT.6, which at just 6mm is the world’s thinnest home cordless phone. SGW Global commissioned …Read the Rest

World Photography Awards, it’s taking part that counts

World Photography Awards, it’s taking part that counts
March 24, 2014

Sony World Photography Awards If you want to take great photos you need a great camera. For those of us not blessed with David Bailey-esque talents this is an unavoidable fact. For me a great camera does a large amount of the work for me. Or at least enough of the work to leave me free to think about the picture layout and detail. That is …Read the Rest

PMD need more recognition in the gadget field

December 3, 2013
Big Boys Toys

Many people know about touch less gesture controls that have been made possible by Ofleap Motion, PrimeSense and SoftKinetic just to mention a few. However, the mention of PMD may not click anything known to many people despite the German firm having been in operation over the last decade. PMD deals with construction of depth sensing technology with great accuracy. Someone may ask why the …Read the Rest

Mobile Phone of the Year 2013 from S21

November 27, 2013
Mobile Phones

The HTC One has won the S21 Phone of the Year award for 2013, well ahead of rival smart phones from Samsung, Sony and Apple http://www.s21.com/phone-of-the-year-2013.htm Highly respected technology review website S21 (http://www.s21.com) has made public the results of its “Mobile phone of the year” award for 2013.  HTC One And not surprisingly the winning mobile phone which is also powered by Google’s Android operating …Read the Rest

The value of the gadgets owned in the UK runs into billions

November 15, 2013
Big Boys Toys

In a new report conducted by Conlumino on behalf of Affinion International, people around Britain carry with them gadgets worth £22 billion every single day. This is just part of the £51.6 billion worth of gadgets that Brits own, which is equivalent to Ecuador’s GDP. This shows an increase of the value of gadgets by up £10 billion over a period of five years, even …Read the Rest

This autumn, Brits really have been there and got the T shirt

November 12, 2013

  The Brits are certainly a proud bunch of people and, lets be honest, we often punch above our weight but are too polite to admit this. The time has come to throw caution to the wind and this autumn we should all be shouting from the roof tops to let the world know what we are actually like. With that in mind Flashwear.com have …Read the Rest

Using gadgets on UK flights could still be a while in coming

November 11, 2013

The Civil Aviation Authority in UK has made a statement that many travellers may not be happy with, that it wouldn’t take weeks but months before anyone in Britain can be allowed to use electrical devices during landing and take off. This follows the FAA’s statement that made anyone landing in America happy because they can now start using such gadgets at take off and …Read the Rest

Apple’s latest public even gives us a glimpse of their new products

October 26, 2013

Tuesday morning saw Apple launching their latest public event to showcase the newest products in their range of consumer electronics. Among these were two new iPad models. The iPad 4 has been replaced with a dual offering of the old iPad 2 at a discounted price, and the iPad Air. The iPad Air still sports a 9.7-inch screen size, but has a number of notable improvements. …Read the Rest

The Samsung Galaxy Round makes the most of new bendable technology

October 22, 2013

Bendable technology is the latest exciting development in mobile and tablet design ideas. Companies such as Samsung have provided demonstrations for several years of bendable screens and their latest Samsung Galaxy Round mobile brings elements of this idea to the retail market with a curved phone, but so far it’s not been possible to make entire electronic products that can demonstrate flexibility without breaking while …Read the Rest

IT is now the muscle behind oil exploration

October 20, 2013

It is a strange but true fact that the oil business is no longer a major manual labour job, Although of course there are still legions of burly men around the world who move pipes while swinging out high up on an oil platform derek, 300 miles off the coast of Scotland. This is the sort of stereotype mental image we have of oil men …Read the Rest